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"During the period of time from September 30th thru November 9th I was a guest at your Old Cheney Rehabilitation Facility. My stay there was due to a broken hip, which I sustained during a fall on September 27th. The EMT's on the 911 crew that responded to my wife's call were very efficient and took me to the hospital where the Dr. operated and placed a prosthetic ball in place of the one I had broken off during my fall. On September 30th, after the operation, I was taken to your facility, which was the very best experience I had over the whole ordeal.

I was impressed with all the people who saw to my care at our facility. Your nurses were very attentive to all my needs and the cooks proved some of the very best meals anybody could ask for. Your Occupational Therapist and the Physical Therapist and their supervisor were very good and my safety was to the utmost importance to them. I must say that everyone from the Receptionist, to the office personnel, the cooks, the nurses and CNA's were the best. I have to say that my six-week stay at your facility would have seemed unbearably long had it not been for the care and skill and the methods, under which they were administered to me.

I was impressed with your presence in the several communications we had to your coming to my room on several occasions to check how things were going.

All together your facility and your staff made my six-week stay as close to enjoyable as the circumstances would allow. Your facility will be highly recommended, by me, to others that are in need of your services."

-Satisfied Patient